LeTip East Shore

  • 5290 Derry St Harrisburg, PA 17111

  • +1 123 312 32 24

  • joanne@cawley.net

Join us the Promenade Family Restaurant


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 Line Up for July - August 2019

July 10 Chris Hadley Chris Timmons Ray Wolfgang  
July 17 Wally Carper Chris Hadley  Chris Timmons
July 24 George Lane Wally Carper  Chris Hadley 
July 31  Mark Emery George Lane Wally Carper 
August 7  Joanne Cawley Mark Emery  George Lane
August 14 Beau Kirchner Joanne Cawley  Mark Emery 
August 21  David Schlosberg Beau Kirchner Joanne Cawley 
August 28  Jeff Price David Schlosberg  Beau Kirchner
September 4 Dale Gerberich Jeff Price  David Schlosberg 

 Visitations due on July 31, 2019

Member To Visit:

  1. Jeff Price to visit Wally Carper
  2. George Lane to visit Chris Timmons
  3. Joanne Cawley to visit Jake Ness
  4. Joe Cooper to visit Jeff Price
  5. Dale Gerberich to visit George Lane
  6. Chris Hadley to visit Joanne Cawley
  7. John Rozema to visit Joe Cooper
  8. David Schlosberg to visit Dale Gerberich
  9. Scott Colman to visit Chris Hadley
  10. Ray Wolfgang to visit John Rozema
  11. Drue Bahajak to visit David Schlosberg
  12. Beau Kirchner to visit Scott Colman
  13. Mark Emery to visit Ray Wolfgang
  14. Tom Archer to visit Drue Bahajak
  15. Spencer Dum to visit Beau Kirchner
  16. Wally Carper to visit Mark Emery
  17. Chris Timmons to visit Tom Archer
  18. Jake Ness to visit Spencer Dum